With TenOverTen, two Tribeca friends upgrade the neighborhood nail salon

New York City nail salon TenOverTen

TenOverTen's pedicure area

Tribeca locals and best friends Nadine Ferber and Adair Ilyinsky were nail buddies. After sampling their way through downtown’s havens and holes of polishing and buffing, they amassed a list of 35 things to improve about the mani-pedi experience. Questionable hygiene and lackluster surroundings topped the list.

Turns out, critics can create too. TenOverTen, the Tribeca salon they opened three weeks ago, fixes all the unpleasantries of getting a mani-pedi without turning it into a fussy experience.

“New Yorkers are sensitive to their surroundings,” says TenOverTen’s Ilyinsky. “We have the most beautiful restaurants and shops. So why do our nail places look like chop-shops with florescent lighting and super unpleasant surroundings?”

New York City nail salon TenOverTen with a view

A pedi with a view—armchairs look onto West Broadway

At TenOverTen, the airy, high-ceiling room has steely gray walls, brushed metal fixtures, old-school sliding loft doors. While you’re relaxing in a comfy custom-made armchair, you’ll be offered the latest copy of Vogue or an iPad to peruse. (A city first.) The eco-scenti will be glad to see RGB, a line of 3-free polishes.

Pedicures are given using large buckets—no unhygienic foaming (with bacteria) footbaths here—and the buckets get sanitized using Fantastik with bleach each time. “We use Seventh Generation wherever we can,” says Ilyinsky, but when it comes to cleaning equipment they don’t mess around. An autoclave cleans the metal tools.

With 11 pedicure stations and 12 manicure stations, you can easily snag a walk-in treatment. And hours extend until 10:00 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday, another detail that really caters to New York clients. Soon, when Ferber’s husband’s opens a South American restaurant in the first floor space, you can order dinner and drinks up as well.

Using RGB 3-free polish contributes to a fume-free environment

TenOverTen also strikes an innovative price point. “We wanted something between a bargain basement service and a big spa splurge,” explains Ilyinsky. Pedicures are $35 and manicures are $20. The pedicure that I had back on December 17 still looks salon-fresh and the experience was so relaxing, I didn’t have my usual urge to flee. Next time I’ll go with a friend so I have an excuse to dawdle and sip tea. —Alexia Brue

TenOverTen, 112 Reade Street, 2nd Floor, Tribeca, 10013, 212-406-1010, www.tenoverten.com

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