3 fruits that won’t give you a sugar spike

fruit sugar spike

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As the temperature rises, so do our cravings for sweet, cooling treats.

Fruit, of course, is the healthy way to go. But not everything from the produce aisle is created equal.

Some of the most commonly purchased fruits are actually the highest in sugar, like bananas (28 grams of sugar per cup) and grapes (23 g). Ditto tropics-born favorites like mango (24 g) and pineapple (25 g).

To avoid a serious blood-sugar spike, here are the top three fruits we’re gushing over for summer—containing the lowest sugar content and some seriously juicy benefits:

Strawberries. Their lipstick-red color is due to phenolic acid, a big-deal antioxidant that plays a major role in helping regulate blood sugar response. When consumed at least three times a week, their powerful anti-inflammatory properties kick in.
Sugar content: Seven grams per cup.
Tip: Eat for dessert and get the benefits of digestive enzymes.

Apples. An apple a day indeed keeps the doctor away with its antioxidant-rich nutrients. Quercetin and other flavonoids slow digestion, preventing a hard-core sugar spike.
Sugar content: Eleven grams per cup.
Tip: Replenish glucose after a workout with green apples.

Cantaloupe. Improve eye-sight with beta-carotene-packed cantaloupe and boost immunity with its high vitamin-C content. Sugar content: Thirteen grams per cup.
Tip: Freeze tiny ice-cream-style scoops of cantaloupe for a frozen treat.
Jennifer Kass

For a summer smoothie recipe using low-sugar fruit, click here.

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    For a diabetic how much apples and grapes can you have,need to know amt.of sugar in each also bananas?thank you

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