1-minute makeup: How to apply it faster and better

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Is doing your makeup taking longer than your commute? Does your handbag runneth over with a variety of cosmetics “in case you need them”? After a workout, are you the last one standing at the mirror with your mascara?

I used to be this person, which is ironic because I use natural products to create what is a pretty natural look. But a few weeks ago I sat in the makeup chair of Shirley Pinkson, a former NARS executive and makeup artist with clients like Naomi Campbell and Isabella Rossellini, who now dabs her brushes into the 100-percent-natural formulations of W3LL PEOPLE, which she co-founded.

W3LL PEOPLE (pronounced “well people”) is based in Austin and recently launched in Henri Bendel. It’s a makeup line that combines “advanced performance, premium bioavailable/organic ingredients, and sustainability.” That’s a skill set not on the resume of most makeup lines coming across my desk. It’s fastidiously free of potential cosmetic toxins and it cares about cosmetic elegance.

And makeup artist Pinkson is a font of beauty knowledge—including how to cut corners on your application time, which she shared with me.

W3LL People NarcissistNeed help consolidating your cosmetics? Here are two (or three) products that take less than a minute to apply:

1. Start with Narcissist Stick Foundation
It’s a gloriously mess-proof, moisturizing skin primer, concealer, and foundation in one.
Narcissist ($38)

How to apply: You can blend this breathable stick made with green tea, reishi mushroom, and pomegranate with a flat foundation brush. But you can also just use your fingers. It’s been a conversation starter in the Barry’s Bootcamp changing room, with women asking me where I got it. Love the soft-focus finish: it’s my ideal kind of coverage.

W3LL People Universalist_4

2. Follow with Universalist Multi-Use Stick on your cheeks, eye lids, and lips.
This is a 3-in-1 sustainable superstar that will allow you to reclaim several minutes of your day. It comes in matte (for those nervous about shine) and luminous (for those who love a glow)—and nine shades. I’m a fan of the Peachy Pink Bronze ($33)

How to apply: Rub the natural pigment stick onto the apples of your cheeks, blending it with your fingers up your cheek bones to your temples, and just around the top of the brow bone. Then, dab some onto your eye lid crease and gently swipe the color back and forth across your eyelid with your finger, layering more if needed. End with dabbing it onto your lips.

3. Finish up by coating your lashes with a natural mascara. Don’t obsess over the application process (unless you’re going on TV): Two or three quick swipes with one of these standout natural mascaras, and you’re done!W3ll People Paganist Lipgloss

BONUS: Paganist Lipgloss. This juicy W3LL PEOPLE gloss is a cherry on top for the days when I really want a little more beauty oomph. I don’t think it’s cheating the clock since I can walk and apply the wand to my lips at the same time. Paganist No. 1 in Pink Twinkle ($21.50)Melisse Gelula

For more information, visit www.w3llpeople.com or visit www.henribendel.com

This week (August 13–18), meet W3LL PEOPLE co-founder and creator, Shirley Pinkson, and her team of eco-artists at Henri Bendel. They’ll show you how to perfect your natural beauty in person, and you can qualify to receive a beauty conscious cosmetic pouch and full sized Elitist Eye Pigment.

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  1. August 15th, 2012 at 8:54 am

    Melisse, I could not have expressed it better! Thank you for sharing!

  2. August 15th, 2012 at 9:15 am

    W3LL PEOPLE makeup is truly a ONE OF A KIND MAKEUP!!!
    I’m especially a 1.2.3 make up girl. I never have time or really the patience:) and its a matter of seconds. Whenever I want…that little extra “je ne sest quoi” and little OOOMPH glow with little to no effort I take out my Universalist #2 …. and best part is it last all day. Thank goodness for a W3LL made and efficient make-up on the market!!! BRAVO W3LL PEOPLE.

  3. August 15th, 2012 at 11:47 am

    Is there a discount code for Well+Good readers?

  4. August 15th, 2012 at 3:25 pm

    A shout out to all the Well + Good eco-istas! Head to Henri Bendel’s for your very own 1 minute makeup makeover! Plus…take pride in knowing you’re not only 1 minute from a great new look, but also hydration and protection from free radicals. That is all thanks to the high performance, and all natural ingredients in all our W3LL PEOPLE products, like Aloe, Green Tea, and Jojoba! We think that’s 1 minute that’s worth taking the time for!

  5. August 15th, 2012 at 4:34 pm

    I have been using w3llpeople for 3+ months now, and I love it as much as I did, or more, as I did when I first tried it! My skin is so much happier now that I’ve stopped using awful synthetic ingredients on it. I spread on the foundation/concealer stick (I have their flat brush, which I use a lot because I don’t really like stuff on my hands – but I like the look I get when I smear it with my fingers!) and if I have any blemishes a little extra on top completely covers them up. I’ve also tried their foundation powder (excellent) and finishing powders (the white one and the regular one) which are both awesome. I’ve also used their nudist lip balms and the clear paganist gloss. Can’t wait til they have more shades. I have to pick up a universalist one of these days. BTW their customer service (when you order online) is top notch :)

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