Magic Mix Juicery opens in the Financial District

Magic Mix JuiceryThis week, a brand-new juice bar and raw, vegan cafe opened at 102 Fulton Street in the Financial District, a neighborhood where a good green juice can be hard to find.

Magic Mix Juicery’s menu is divided into Greens, Roots, and Fruits and it also blends smoothies—from the green to the super sweet. (Example of the latter: the Nutter Buttercup, with raw almond butter, almond milk, cacao, maca, and cinnamon.)

The menu includes a line-up of raw, vegan breakfast items, salads, desserts, and some surprisingly hearty entrees, like the East Meets West Burger, a sunflower-seed patty with pickles, shiitake “bacon,” kim chee, and ketchup.

“Being healthy shouldn’t have to mean depriving yourself,” said founder Jil Larsen, an Institute for Integrative Nutrition grad who founded the Juicery after a post-illness health awakening. Larsen hopes that Magic Mix Juicery will  help people maintain their health goals while accommodating busy lifestyles. (Wall Street traders?)

Juice range between $9 and $13, and food items stay in the ballpark of $7.50 to $14. Magic Mix also offers take-home cleanse programs in a set of seven juices for a flat $60. We can’t wait to take a sip. —Amy Eley

For more information, visit magicmixjuicery.com


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  1. January 19th, 2013 at 12:22 am

    Excited to try this place!!
    (fyi it isn’t so difficult to find fresh juices in the Fidi, Health King on John and Nassau as well as Yorganic on Hanover do green juices)

  2. January 21st, 2013 at 10:50 am

    Super excited to check it out! As to Annabelle’s point … even the Duane Reade on Wall has a juice bar with made-to-order green juices! Right next door, the cafe inside Equinox whips up green juices and smoothies as well. This is one neighborhood that will never be short of kale!

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