305 Fitness: A hot on-campus workout dance party comes to New York

305 Fitness

In a Flatiron loft space on a recent Thursday night, a petite, toned brunette in a hoodie is moving furniture, plugging in a spinning plastic disco light, and yelling across the room to a DJ in a makeshift booth.”You can start the music!”

Twenty-three-year-old Sadie Kurzban isn’t setting up for a college party, she’s getting ready for the latest 305 Fitness class, a dance cardio workout the recent-grad launched while she was a student at Brown University and hopes will become a hit among 20-something New Yorkers who want to mix up their fitness routine. 305 Fitness now hosts daily classes at Stepping Out Studios in the Flatiron, plus pop-up parties in spaces across the city.

“On one spring break trip to my hometown of Miami, my girlfriend and I were out in Miami’s night clubs. Everyone was letting loose and having a great time, and I thought, ‘Why can’t exercise feel more like this?'”says Kurzban.

305 Fitness

Kurzban and a DJ at one of her fitness dance parties.

So she designed a cardio workout class that melded the vibrant dance moves of her hometown zip code (hence the 305) with the toning techniques of aerobics and Zumba (Kurzban’s background). The workout took off quickly at Brown. “It was HUGE when Sadie was there, like 100 people would go and the energy was amazing. We miss her so much,” one student reported. But Kurzban had big plans for the big city.

At the recent pop-up class in New York, Kurzban’s off-the-wall energy propelled the class through forty-five minutes of toning exercises mixed into dance sequences. You’ll shake your booty to Shakira, but you’ll also be squatting through Ke$ha, and lunging during “Sexy Back.” Throughout, she manages to make it easy for even the most hopeless dancers (ahem, me) to follow, and she circles the room encouraging you to let loose with goofy exuberance.

Kurzban doesn’t have the education of an Anna Kaiser or the experience of a Simone de la Rue, and her operation has the distinct feel of a scrappy upstart. But there’s something seriously refreshing about dancing like a co-ed without any frills—and she’s got more than enough talent and energy (and time) to build her brand. —Lisa Elaine Held

305 Fitness, $24, www.305fitness.com

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  1. February 17th, 2013 at 1:48 pm

    Amazing idea– not sure what has taken so long to have the club vibe translate to fitness!!

  2. August 30th, 2015 at 5:51 am

    I have been doing cardio workouts at dance clubs for years. Last night for the first time, people bothered me and said they were worried because I was sweating and my heart would explode. Sometimes I think I get judged because I dance intense and with a lot of energy although I get more compliments than insults. I don’t drink anything but water or club soda when I go. It bums me out when people don’t understand that I just want to relieve stress and feel the energy of dancing high cardio and stay out of folks way on dance floor. It happened tonight. I got cornered outside the club when I drank water and three people kept harassing me saying they were worried and wouldn’t leave me alone even when I said I was fine and just resting and having water. I feel punished for trying to enjoy myself and having a workout in a club. I encourage others to dance as a workout and feel free though and not let others bring you down as I was tonight.

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