Stand-up paddleboarding gets its first-ever clothing line

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SUPmerge_paddleboarding_fashionStand-up paddleboarding—or SUP, if you prefer—officially became one of the summer’s hottest workouts. And, with the debut of SupMerge, the sport just got its first stylish line of SUP-specific fashion.

The idea washed over New York City-based founder-designer Kimberly Schamber through her passion for SUP (she’s one of just a handful of people who's SUP'd Venice's Grand Canal) and a personal need for clothing that was both functional and stylish.

“I realized there really wasn’t anything out there that specifically catered to the sport," Schamber says, who created her longed-for water-resistant dresses, skirts, tees, and shorts with super thoughtful details, like Velcro pockets for your cell phone.

Check out the pieces now for your Labor Day paddle, though we have a feeling you'll want to wear them long after... –Carla Vass

SupMerge creator Kimberly SchamberFront Zipper Dress

This is little black dress you can paddle in. The back pockets can accommodate a waterproof case for valuables. The water-repellant fabric makes an easy transition to après-paddle drinks.

“I wore this dress to lunch the other day!” Schamber says. “Not everyone wants to hang out in a wet swimsuit all day.”


 Photo: SupMerge creator Kimberly Schamber

SupMerge padded knee pantPadded Knee Pant

The water-resistant padded knee pant has a thin layer of protection for those gams—crucial for “dropping down,” or doing yoga on the board. Plus, how rad are the black accents and pockets?

SupMerge vestFront Zipper Vest

The center back pocket of the water-resistant ront zipper vest is specially designed with Velcro closures at the top and sized to fit a waterproof case for valuables (AKA keys, credit card, SPF lip balm).



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  1. November 26th, 2013 at 12:05 pm

    I am an avid paddle girl and am wondering about wearing something warm in the cooler weather that doesn’t have to be a wetsuit…any ideas? I am trying yoga crops and sweatshirt for now(single mom on a strict budget) but bringin the sport alive in Saint Augustine.Florida!

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