Cheat Sheet: Workout moves for full-body fitness

workout movesWhen it comes to working out, getting to the gym or a class is only half the battle. Once you’re there, you’ve got to do it right.

Thankfully, we talk to top trainers all of the time, who offer their tips and tutorials on how to properly work out every muscle—from the best ab strengtheners to how to target your triceps.

Here, we’ve compiled workout moves (and tips) you can use for full-body fitness, whether you’re hitting the gym, a group fitness class, or are going solo in a hotel gym on a vacay or business trip.

1. 5 ab exercises that are better than crunches
Crunches are on their way out, so that means you’ll need new ways to strengthen your core. Here, Brynn Jinnett shares five smarter ab exercises that sculpt.

2. 3 easy moves for stronger triceps from Barry’s Bootcamp
To start working your triceps, all you need is a will and a wall. And even New York apartments have those. Here are three moves to get you started.

3. How to start lifting heavy weights
Lifting heavy weights is a super-efficient way to build metabolism-revving muscle, strong bones, and a toned body. Here’s how to get started.

4. How to train your body to do pull-ups
Three practices that will help perfect and progress your pull-ups until you can do a real one (or five).

5. Why you should stick your butt out at the gym
Celebrity trainer David Kirsch, known for his ability to sculpt models’ derrieres, has a simple strategy for perfecting your squat form.

6. 3 explosive moves to tone your glutes
Exercises that get your heart rate up and simultaneously attack the glutes are super fast booty-toners, says the founder of the People’s Bootcamp.

7. 3 moves to improve your push-ups
EVF Performance owner Eric Von Frohlich demonstrates three moves that will strengthen the many muscles involved in making you a push-up champ.

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  1. October 29th, 2013 at 4:44 pm

    Making sure I have correct posture and technique gets harder the more tired I get. Great tips!

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