Fitness guru moms debut pre- and post-pregnancy workouts

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prenatal yogaPregnancy workouts used to mean slow strolls or easy, seated stretches. But today’s fit, modern mom—used to grueling HIIT sessions and fast-paced vinyasa—doesn’t always want to forgo true sweat sessions for nine whole months, and beyond.

“I actually continued doing regular yoga classes up until I gave birth, and I feel like there are a lot of women practicing yoga regularly who don’t want to give it up,” says celeb yoga and Pilates instructor Kristin McGee, known for training stars like Tina Fey. “You can just make modifications and listen to your body.”

This fall, McGee’s new DVD is among a crop of quality offerings meant to help expectant and new moms keep moving. Yogi Hilaria Baldwin (married to Alec) and fitness star Tracy Anderson also released new at-home workouts.

Here’s what you can expect from their pre- and post-pregnancy fitness regimens… —Lisa Elaine Held

Hilaria Baldwin DVDHilaria Baldwin’s Fit Mommy-to-Be Prenatal Yoga

Baldwin gave birth to her first child, Carmen, with Alec, in August.

Her DVD offers yoga routines with specific modifications for each trimester, and each class focuses on moves that will make your pregnancy easier.

Improving posture and alignment to prevent back pain, for example, and hip openers to help with labor and delivery. $16.99 on Amazon.com for pre-order, releases October 1

Kristin McGeeKristin McGee’s Prenatal Yoga & Pilates

McGee’s DVD has more than two hours of content made to really fulfill the needs of moms-to-be.

There’s a nine-minute express class for days when crib assembling takes over, a breathing and meditation routine to prep you for labor, a power flow for staying fit, and a peaceful flow to de-stress.

And her Pilates routine makes use of the Thera-Band, which she says helped her continue strengthening her upper body and stretching up until she gave birth to her son, Timothy, in July. $24.99 on Amazon.com

Tracy Anderson DVDTracy Anderson’s Post-Pregnancy 2

Anderson, Gwyneth BFF and proud mother of two, became a leader in the prenatal workout world with her Pregnancy Project series.

Her newest post-pregnancy DVD is for moms who are having trouble getting back into shape, and it’s “designed to help women gradually build strength and stamina as they reconnect with their core.”

Anderson filmed it 11 weeks after giving birth to daughter Penelope. $29.95 on Tracyandersonmethod.com


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