Cheat Sheet: Smoothies

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Smoothies are one of the best ways to replace the nutrients you may have lost during a workout. And the easiest way to accidentally sip twice the number of calories you just burned.

How to know the difference? We’ve pulled the top stories from our smoothie pantry for you to factor in when whipping up your next batch of blended fruit and veggies.

Need recipes and inspiration? Check out the Well+Good smoothie archive here.

1. The comprehensive guide to post-workout smoothies
Your post-workout smoothie should meet the refueling needs of the sweat session you just did, not just taste great. Here’s your guide to choosing the right one.

2. Why your friend won’t shut up about the NutriBullet
Is the buzz surrounding this super-popular smoothie-making gadget real or exaggerated? We found out.

3. Will l-glutamine give your fitness routine a boost?
Why is every trainer in town telling you to add this trendy amino acid to your smoothie? We got the scoop.

4. Refrigerator Look Book: Sophie Jaffe
The raw food chef and Philosophie founder keeps her fridge stocked for smoothies—with creative ingredients and superfoods you’ll totally want to copy.

5. My Favorite Green Juice Recipe: Kathy Patalsky
Rise and shine! The author-founder of “365 Vegan Smoothies” and Healthy Happy Life wants to make your mornings sunnier with her Sassy Green Kick Start Smoothie.

6. Recipe: The Pomegranate Tonic Smoothie
Like a fully loaded new car of smoothies, this month’s recipe is packed with super-smart ingredients that detox, reset, and prep your bod for the winter ahead.

7. Got smoothie build-up? How to clean your Vitamix
Got smoothie build-up? Try this simple tip to get your Vitamix looking (and working!) as good as new.

8. Recipe: The Green Love Smoothie
Why the greens in this smoothie support your mind and body on the highest level. Oh, and taste delish.

9. Are smoothies just a healthy person’s soda?
Integrative nutritionist Jeanette Bronee says your smoothie-slurping habit has a not so virtuous side. And proposes a solution.

10. Whey protein for women: It’s not just for bodybuilders anymore
Is the muscle-builder of meatheads good for women who just want some protein on the fly? We talked to three New York City wellness experts to get their take.

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