With Liquiteria, Union Square gets its first full-on juice bar

Liquiteria Union Square

Liquiteria Union Square West, on 17th Street, between Broadway and Fifth Ave., opens Monday, Feb. 3. (Photo: Liquiteria)

It may have been freezing in New York this January, but the cold-pressed juice scene hasn’t been hotter.

Liquiteria’s Union Square West location (26 E. 17th Street, between Fifth Avenue and Broadway) opens today Monday, February 3, a few days earlier than the burgeoning juice-brand expected, says Christine Graves, Liquiteria’s CMO.

It’s the juice company’s third location, after its 18 year-old East Village flagship and a Chelsea location that opened last summer. (A fourth and a fifth spot have already been announced, including one in the former Gray’s Papaya space on Sixth Avenue.)

Given that there are currently no full-service juice bars right on Union Square, with this new location Liquiteria is poised to nab a lot of thirsty New Yorkers dashing through the busy city hub. Two SoulCycles, the farmer’s market, and a major subway junction are good for foot traffic…

And if you’re one of the USQ commuters who waves away those Metro newspaper guys on your way to work, make sure it isn’t one of the Liquiteria folks distributing coupons on Monday. —Melisse Gelula

For more information, visit www.liquiteria.com


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  1. April 22nd, 2014 at 2:11 pm

    Notice the “for display only” sign below the fresh fruit and vegetables on a shelf above the prep counter. It represents a part of the philosophy of this newly franchised juicer that bottles much of what they make.

    You can’t guarantee that everything you’re buying is fresh.

    Yesterday I stopped into the Union Square location and ordered an orange juice, expecting they would freshly juice some of the oranges on the shelf. Instead, they rang me up for $5 and pumped a 12 once glass from a thermos. When the thermos ran out, they pulled a plastic gallon jug from the refrigerator and topped my glass off.

    Turned out their orange juice is pasteurized and shipped from Florida (any juice shipped from another location is required to be pasteurized, and no matter how many times the word “fresh” is on the label, it’s really not).

    I left and went around the block to the fresh juice stand on the corner at 16th Street and Union Square West.

    The staff was nice, though not particularly familiar with the quality of their product.

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