6 foods that make you hungrier

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By Elizabeth Nolan Brown for Blisstree.com

It’s not surprising that some of the worst offenders for foods that make you more hungry are marketed as ‘diet’ foods.

I don’t know who among us finishes one of those 100-calorie packs of Oreos and thinks, ‘man, I am satisfied.’ You always want more Oreos, or more something. And not only will those suckers not make you full, they don’t provide you with anything beneficial, either. We’re pretty sure that’s what you call a lose-lose food.

For 100 calories, you could instead have some celery and two tablespoons of hummus, an apple, vegan chocolate, raw almonds or half an avocado—all things that pack nutrient value as well as fiber, protein, and good fats to keep you full longer.

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