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Times Square Yoga

Well+Good at Summer Solstice Yoga in Times Square

Our website provides a clever and critical approach to a healthy New York City lifestyle. Our mission is to connect readers to the best wellness experiences and products. We accomplish this through our daily stories, newsletters, monthly workout and lifestyle events, our sponsored giveaway program, and, of course, Facebook and Twitter.

Since our launch in April 2010, Well + Good has become a must-read resource for health-conscious New Yorkers.

Our readers are a fit, toned, and savvy bunch—or they aspire to be. Download our reader demographics here.

Well+Good readers are serious yogis seeking high-performance clothing, skin-care aficionados looking for the latest in natural beauty, and health-conscious types who want an expert acupuncturist, nutritionist, or life coach. Time-pressed moms in need of a holistic spa getaway or yoga retreat, working women wanting to break up back-to-back business dinners with a juice cleanse, and fitness-obsessed New Yorkers willing to spend $30+ for a spin class or barre workout.

If you’re interested in reaching our engaged audience of wellness-obsessed New Yorkers, there are a number of options, many of which listed below. Please contact us at [email protected] to learn more about our sponsorship packages. We enjoy working with our advertising partners to come up with creative, customized, and cost-effective ways to communicate your message.

Well+Good Sponsorship Opportunities

1. The Newsletter
Reach the inbox of a dedicated and highly focused health, fitness, and beauty consumer. Feature up to two ads (available in three sizes) and a sponsored message alongside our cutting-edge editorial.

2.  Dedicated Emails
Communicate your message in the Well+Good voice. Our copywriters compose it, you approve it. The visually striking design mirrors the editorial newsletter.

3. Banner Advertising
Increase mindshare and create buzz by advertising on We rotate your ads through the entire site, including the homepage and our Popular Posts.

4. Sponsored Giveaway
Generate buzz and conversation around a product or service by doing a giveaway on the Wellness Wire. An editorial-style article announces the giveaway. This generates content and product feedback in the form of comments from our readers. Includes extensive social media support.

5. Sponsored Posts
We communicate your message in the Well+Good voice and feature it as a “Partner Post” on the Wellness Wire. Our copywriters compose it, you approve it. Includes extensive social media support.

6. Slideshow Sponsor
Be the exclusive sponsor of a Well+Good slideshow. Run your showcase-size ads in our editorial slideshow. This is an organic platform in which your ads will get serious visibility.

7. Site-wide Contest
Built around a splashy prize (e.g. a free year of yoga or a yoga retreat to Iceland), this contest uses a graphically exciting pop-up box to display your product and invites readers to enter. The contest may run for up to three weeks. We provide extensive editorial and social media support.

8. Well+Good Reader Event
Every month we host a Well+Good reader event. Click here for the full list of past events. These events always have a strong editorial hook, inviting readers to try an exciting new fitness class, for example. Each event is highly customized and tailored to your goals. We also may also include wellness components such as juice sampling to mini-facials from like-minded brands. Price depends upon number of attendees and logistics of the event.

Please contact us at [email protected] to learn more about our sponsorship packages.