My Five Beauty Obsessions: Lina Hanson

(Photos: Lina Hanson)
(Photos: Lina Hanson)

Lina Hanson grew up brunette in all-blonde Sweden, spending her days outdoors, by the lake, fishing and picking berries, and feeling not quite like the others in her prettiness. She also watched her grandmother create all-natural, homemade beauty oils, thinking deeply about how she could use beauty to heal and help.

Those memories—and Hanson’s own collection of high-quality oils from around the world—neroli from Tunisia and yuzu from Japan (she’s a passionate traveler)—inspired her to create Global Beauty, a three-piece collection of super-sought-after Global Serums for face, for baby, and for body.

As a Los Angeles-based makeup artist, and a super soulful one, it was the “simplest and smartest” thing she knew was needed for the range of skin-care issues she was seeing on her clients, she says. (Her HD-ready fans have included dozens of A-list celebs from Natalie Portman and Ellen Page to Kristin Davis.)

Now, in her work bag for Hollywood house calls, you’ll find it stocked with her serums, coconut oil, and clean makeup brands like Vapour.

Here are her five go-to products, because if they’re good enough for the high standards of Hanson and the glowy skin of Cameron Diaz on the red carpet, they’re good enough for us, too. —Molly Gallagher

1. Tatcha Blotting Papers ($12) These blotting papers are great whenever you are on the go. I keep them in my purse at all times. I also give them to any clients before they go on the red carpet.

2. Essentia Water ($7) Essentia is alkaline water with added electrolytes. I believe in taking care of yourself from within, and staying hydrated is the most important thing. This is my favorite water. It tastes delicious and gives me more energy.

3. Lina Hanson Global Body Serum ($63) The body oil in my line not only smells great, but it deeply hydrates the skin, leaving it smooth and silky. It also helps improve skin circulation. I use it on clients on photoshoots or red carpet events and it leaves their skin glowing.

4. Coconut Oil ($13) I use coconut oil for everything. It’s great for removing make up, as a hair mask, for oil pulling. I cook with it and I also put in my green smoothies. It’s a healthy must.

5. Vapour Organic Beauty Multi-Use Blush ($36) I love creme blush because it goes into the skin better and makes your skin look healthy and glowing. I use all the shades. It’s blendable and you can add more color or make it as natural as you want. I like to use it as a lip color, too.

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