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My Studio Style: Sarah Tiefenthaler

(Photo: Yogaqua)

SUP Yoga

Who designed and built Sarah Tiefenthaler’s yoga studio? Mother Nature.

The svelte blonde is the owner of Yogaqua, a yoga workout in Marina Del Rey, where all of the Californian’s classes are done on the ocean, on stand-up paddleboards.

“I did my yoga teacher training in Costa Rica, and I was outdoors all the time,” Tiefenthaler says. “Coming back was disheartening to not have that presence in nature. I tried stand-up paddleboarding by chance, and it was natural for me to experiment with poses on the board just for fun.” Tiefenthaler eventually turned that experimentation into her own program in 2011, and the classes now take place year-round on a beach known for its calm water. (Best job ever?)

And communing with nature is just one of the added benefits of doing yoga while balancing on a board instead of a mat, she says. “You’re working your core the whole time. You’re engaging those stabilizers and trying to keep yourself centered,” she explains. “The best part is you’re working out but it doesn’t feel like it because you’re in nature and having fun. It feels like a 90-minute vacation.”

Of course, Tiefenthaler’s wardrobe is pretty different from the average yogi’s, given the environment. Even if she rarely falls into the water (partially because of the special Boga boards they practice on). But “when I’m practicing handstands?” she says. “Guaranteed I’m falling in.”

Here’s what she’s currently wearing on the board and in the water. —Jamie McKillop


1. Calavera Triton Top ($54) I love everything this brand makes. It’s a surfer chick who makes swimsuits for water women. They actually stay in place so you don’t have to constantly adjust. It also has really thin straps so you get a nice, subtle tan. Perfect for working out on the water.

2. Freestyle Shark Classic Candy Sport Watches ($52) I always wear Shark watches. They come in great bright colors and are waterproof. I have to keep track of time during class, and they’re so fun and cute. I love how old school they are.

3. Billabong Hecho En Agua Trucker Hat Women’s ($18) Trucker hats are key out there. The sun is so bright, and this keeps your face covered. You should always have a hat in Yogaqua class. It’s become part of the uniform.

4. Lululemon Boogie Short Full-On Luon ($42) These are great, because even though you can wear swimsuit bottoms, a lot of people get self-conscious. These fit in place so you’re not constantly adjusting. They’re not a heavy material, so it’s okay if you fall in.

5. Nike 2-in-1 Mezzo Women’s Training Tank Top ($50) I like to start class wearing a tank. This material is so thin, and even if I fall in it’s quick-dry. I’ll take it off and strap it on the nose of my board. It’s nice to have another option. You have two outfits to present to the world.

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jane iredale micellar water

#BPOTD: The micellar water that *actually* left my skin feeling squeaky clean