How Elle Macpherson celebrated her 50th birthday

We recently attended the 50th birthday celebration of Elle Macpherson (well, technically it followed her formal fete), where the supermodel was actually the one dispensing gifts in the form of beauty wisdom on how to look (and feel) amazing, at any age.

The first secret? Her just-launched supplement, The Super Elixir, a greens-and-superfood powder of the most luxurious (and delicious) proportions. The bespoke blend ($135 for 30 servings), made in conjunction with a nutrition expert, contains plant-based ingredients that address everything from good digestion to great skin, and they’re fastidiously acquired. Think certified organic grasses grown on pristine farmlands in New Zealand.

And to preserve their integrity—and keep unsightly plastic tubs off your marble countertop—it comes in a black opaque-glass canister that looks more like an art deco Chinese tea vessel. “I wanted to streamline my nutrition—I was taking a pharmacy of supplements,” says the glowy Macpherson, who’s already set to launch a protein-based sequel, called The Super Shake.

During the event at Net-a-Porter, Macpherson, whose dress showcased her toned arms and sinewy legs, shared how she learned to slip in a workout as easily as her morning green shake. The busy entrepreneur, supermodel, and mom schedules her workouts or me-time in her calendar at least a week out, where they’re treated as sacred.

“I schedule everything in my life from meditation to workouts to my kids’ dentist appointments. That way there’s nothing conflicting, no one can book me, and there’s no reason not to do it. I have an hour every morning that I can use for me for everything from a wax to yoga on the beach,” says the Miami resident.

Knowing there’s time set aside is all part of a beauty routine, says Macpherson. “Because then I don’t feel or look stressed,” she says. We can certainly confirm the latter. —Melisse Gelula

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