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New York City’s 7 most talked about workouts of 2014

Taryn ToomeyIn New York City right now, it seems like new fitness studios open every day.

But few generate high levels of buzz, becoming the subject of dinner and subway conversations among friends and colleagues from the Upper East Side to deep Brooklyn.

This year, these seven workouts did just that, generating excitement and making people really talk (and sweat). Here are New York City’s seven most talked about workouts of 2014…

Don’t see one you kept hearing about all year? Tell us, in the Comments, below!

(Photo: Jaime Baird for Taryn Toomey, The Class )


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Karlie Kloss at Modelfit1. Modelfit

We may have been the first to break the news about go-to model trainer Justin Gelband’s first permanent fitness studio on the Bowery (opened with co-owner Vanessa Packer), but a media frenzy soon followed, with everyone from the New York Post to Marie Claire scrambling to give readers a glimpse at the workout responsible for toning the glutes of Karlie Kloss and Kate Upton. When Taylor Swift started going there, we knew we’d never hear the end of it—and we were right.

(Photo: Instagram/KarlieKloss)


Tone House2. Tone House

“Oh my god, have you tried Tone House? It’s the hardest workout in New York!” was a popular conversation starter this year, among athletes, buff dudes, and boutique fitness fanatics. The small studio became a must-try all around town, thanks to its fun fitness toys (hello, wall harness) and high level of intensity.

(Photo: Tone House)


SoulCycle3. SoulCycle

Okay, people have been talking about SoulCycle for several years, but it’s impossible to leave out, because it just. doesn’t. stop. The mega-brand kept increasing its fitness dominance all over the city and gave New Yorkers a ton to chat about, from new studios opening and collaborations with fashion and juice brands to a massive line at the Warehouse Sale and banning other fitness instructors from its classes.  Read: The Times ran an entire article about how people were “coping with” the Tribeca studio being closed for three weeks for remodeling, and Stephen Colbert told viewers he staged the rally in D.C. to get a discount on SoulCycle classes.


Taryn_the_Class4. The Class

Taryn Toomey started to bust out of her small Tribeca bubble at the end of last year—our declared her the downtown fitness phenom sure didn’t hurt—and the mind-body guru quickly landed in the pages of Vogue, meaning more celebrities (and regular women) started showing up for her body-sculpting, soul-searching classes. She even brought the method to a larger audience at this year’s Wanderlust Vermont, as one of the only class offerings that wasn’t strictly yoga.

(Photo: Taryn Toomey)


Mile High Run Club5. Mile High Run Club

Mile High opened its doors and hit its stride just as group treadmill workouts were starting to have a moment (and contributed to that moment, too). And it raised heart rates because of a stellar combo of “it” factors: A concept that had never been done before (ie: an indoor run club concept), a gorgeous studio, and classes that really delivered for runners, a group often ignored when it comes to group fitness.

(Photo: Well+Good)


The Monster cycle 26. The Monster Cycle

A parental advisory at the start of a workout class is one way to get people intrigued, and it worked for Monster Cycle. Well, that combined with bondage-inspired decor and marketing (like leather straps, studs, and muzzles) and racy music videos during class. The studio’s unique approach to spinning caused a “love it or hate it” reaction among those who tried it, too, creating more reason to chat, and, of course, it gave the New York Times a reason to cover the #healthgoth trend.

(Photo: The Monster Cycle)


The Movement 47. The Movement

The fitness world is a feel-good scene, and The Movement captured that inspirational energy by building a serious charitable component and motivational mantras into its concept from the beginning. Who wouldn’t support a brand that fights brain cancer every time you go to a sweaty resistance band class? And its “something for everyone” approach has allowed it to appeal to a broad spectrum of New Yorkers, from Heidi Kristoffer’s yogi fans to Erin Stutland’s Shrink Session followers.

(Photo: The Movement)



305 Fitness

Don’t see the killer workout you discovered this year? Maybe it’s featured as one of New York City’s 12 most exciting openings of 2014! Check out the list, here…

(Photo: 305 Fitness)


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