Good Sweat Jun. 25, 2014

A starlet with stamina: Khori Petinaud leads New Yorkers through pulses at the barre before heading on stage for Aladdin nearly every day of the week. Read More>>

Good Sweat Dec. 15, 2013

The New York Knicks broadcaster and Today Show fashion correspondent melds her passions—looking great while working out—while at barre or paddleboarding. Read More>>

Good Sweat Nov. 22, 2012

When we heard that favorite New York Flybarre instructor Shay Kostabi had a barre her Brooklyn living room, we had to invite ourselves over. Read More>>

Good Sweat Oct. 2, 2012

Do you grip your weights like the car steering wheel during a blizzard? Then you could be missing out on the merits of picking them up at all. Read More>>

Good Sweat Jan. 30, 2012

Fitness challenges are everywhere—at spin and yoga studios, and workplaces. While they can boost motivation in the short run, just how long-lasting are results? Read More>>

Jul. 11, 2011

This Saturday, Fitist brings together some of its most popular partners for a day of six mini-workouts on the beach in Bridgehampton. Sweaty dip in the ocean included. Read More>>

Good Sweat Mar. 7, 2011

Flywheel Sports, the NYC indoor cycling studio, launches "a barre class for athletes" called FlyBarre. Will spinners saddle up or just remain cardio warriors? Read More>>

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