weight lifting
Feb. 25, 2013

Picking the correct weight from the rack can be a tricky endeavor if you're new to lifting. Here's how to find the one that's a fit for you. Read More>>

Good Sweat Dec. 3, 2012

These research-tested reasons for pumping iron lend new meaning to the phrase "hot and heavy." Read More>>

Nov. 14, 2012

News from our friends around the web—lifting heavier weights, rejuvenating pillowcases, vegan desserts for Thanksgiving, and more. Read More>>

Jun. 28, 2012

You already know that strength training is good for tightening up the biceps and building bone density, but it also does so much more. Not convinced? Here are 20 things it helps you do better, to...Read More>>

Mar. 15, 2012

Some fitness plans say lifting heavy weights will make us bulky, while others say we should lift more—celeb trainer Lacey Stone sorts through the myths and truths. Read More>>

Mar. 3, 2011

Smart stories from sites we love on everything from skin-softening coconut products to the health benefits of—yay!—napping. Read More>>

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