yoga classes in New York City
Good Sweat Jan. 8, 2013

A handful of New York's top yoga studios are rolling out mats for first-timers. Read More>>

Apr. 30, 2012

  This weekend two of Toronto’s most beloved yoga teachers return to New York City for their annual residence at the Shala, where they’ll lead workshops on opening the hips and building...Read More>>

Good Advice Sep. 9, 2011

Looking for a yoga class or a loving-kindness meditation on 9/11? We offer healthy ways to honor the day. Read More>>

Feb. 24, 2011

This Saturday, Schuyler Grant is inaugurating a new monthly yoga, live music, and dinner party series at Kula Yoga Project Williamsburg. Read More>>

Good Advice Jul. 8, 2010

There’s hot yoga. And then there’s accidentally hot yoga. How to keep your cool, extricate yourself from a yoga top, and other hot-weather tips... Read More>>

Jun. 28, 2010

YogaMaya opens in the Flatiron District with a dreamteam of popular downtown NYC yoga teachers.Read More>>

Good Sweat Mar. 15, 2010

Yoga in NYC is currently a tale of two houses: Behemoths like Pure and YogaWorks, which lure the yoga-as-workout crowd to their mega-studios. While, on the other end of the spectrum, a handful of yoga...Read More>>

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