Well+Good’s 12 Fitness and Wellness Trends of 2012

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It’s January 31, the official last call of new year trend predictions.

Thanks for waiting while we tapped the city’s wellness cognoscenti to evaluate what’s entering New York City’s health and fitness zeitgeist.

We also needed a minute to revisit last year’s trend report, where we declared such prophecies as the barre scene’s grande jete, juice mania spilling into every neighborhood, and vegan and gluten-free becoming full-on lifestyles, rather than just niche ways of eating.

Wow, were we right. Insert self-congratulatory back-patting here.

So what’s coming in 2012? A focus on fitness nightlife, happiness without Prozac, and better-for-you vacations. Check out all 12...

(Photo: Barry's Bootcamp)


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