8 deskside remedies for freak-outs at work

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how to de-stress at your desk

Having a case of the workday woes? We've rounded up an array of healthy little treatments and tinctures for freak-outs at your desk.

Don't worry, they're super discreet and won’t give you away as a burgeoning stress case.

You simply sip them with water, spray them under your tongue, or roll them onto your temples for a bit of deskside relief. You’ll marvel at the quick course of treatment—and your improved outlook. —Melisse Gelula

H. Gillerman Organics Jaw Clenching RemedyH. Gillerman Organics Clear Mind Jaw Clenching Remedy

Super-gifted aromatherapist Hope Gillerman makes mind-blowing blends—like this Jaw Clenching Remedy—that help treat all manner of ailments. This one uses high-quality smoky Roman chamomile and palmarosa to calm your working-late grimace and curb any ensuing headache and teeth-grinding. $48, www.hgillermanorganics.com
Lotus Wei Inspired ActionLotus Wei Inspired Action

Feeling super stuck and frustrated? From Katie Hess, one of the coolest makers of exotic flower-remedies, comes this motivating mist (or elixir that you drop under your tongue). Citrus Fire Star Orchid and Red Bird of Paradise work with the body’s meridian system to help promote “fearless creativity, innovation, and thinking outside the box.” Your office mates shouldn’t mind a whiff of that, too.
$35, www.lotuswei.com


Wei of Chocolate RelaxedWei of Chocolate Relaxed

The sister company to Lotus Wei infuses Katie Hess's energetic flower remedies into high-quality chocolate made by Lisa Reinhardt. Pretend the (super delish) chocolate works like a chill pill against your short temper and bad mood. Until when it actually does. $30, www.weiofchocolate.com




21 Drops Focus21 Drops Focus

Cary Caster makes a pharmacy full of targeted aromatherapy treatments, from De-stress to Digest. This one’s unique aim? To prevent the constant checking of your inbox with peppermint and rosemary, so you can focus on getting your work done, nail your deadline, and keep in the running for that promotion. $29, www.21drops.com
Sprayology Party ReliefSprayology Party Relief

'Tis the season when a little bit of after-hours booze can follow you to work the next day. A spritz of this homeopathic spray under your tongue helps “prevent and relieve alcohol-related discomfort.” The milk thistle and other herbal extracts are also good for those who didn’t drink enough water at spin class. And hey, you could always play that card. $26, www.sprayology.com


Nature Made VitaMeltsNatureMade VitaMelts Energy Tablets

These tinier-than-ever vitamins literally melt in your mouth (no water needed), giving you a bit of workday energy—1,500 mcg of B12—when you’re feeling slow and sluggish. And the container is smaller than an Altoids tin, so it’s easy to stash in your desk drawer or handbag. $8, www.amazon.com



sumbody anxiety zapperSumbody Anxiety Zapper

Like a Xanax roll-on (without the doctor's pad or the drugs), this mood-calmer and cheer-up blend from green-beauty guru Deborah Burnes contains responsibly sourced motherwort, an anti-anxiety, and other essential oils. Apply the handmade roll-on to your temples and wrists, and wait for the benefits to kick in. $14.95, www.sumbody.com


Organic Pharmacy Super TonicOrganic Pharmacy Super Tonic

When stress brings on sick days, this trifecta of immune-boosting polygonium (a longevity herb in Chinese Medicine), rhodiola (a stress-reducing antioxidant), and holy basil (a bliss-producer) from Organic Pharmacy can help fortify you. Save those days out of the office for a vacation, and take 10-15 drops twice a day. $38, www.theorganicpharmacy.com




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