The 7 staple workout tanks you need in your activewear wardrobe

You know if you prefer calf-skimming capris to ankle-length leggings, and there’s that one brand of sports bras you have to wear during a HIIT workout. But for some reason, tanks—that workhorse fitness fashion staple—get a little less love and consideration.

After all, even though they’re hidden under your hoodies and jackets all winter, when it’s go-time in the fitness studio, your tank becomes a key component of your workout ensemble.

So we’re highlighting seven styles of the indispensable workout tank that every woman should have in her activewear closet (or at least, her drawerwe know you’ve got one). Click through for what to wear to your next workout… —Jamie McKillop

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The Racerback
Try: Pure Lime Seamless Racerback Tank
The classic OG workout tank has clean lines and won’t distract you during downward dog.


The Muscle Tank
Try: Solow Tencel Racerback Tank
The muscle tank’s signature deep armholes are perfect for showing off that strappy sports bra you just added to your collection.


The Cross Back
Try: Lucas Hugh Cross Back Stretch Tank
For those times you want to add a feminine flourish to an otherwise simple silhouette.


The Cami
Try: Nux Cosmos Tank
It’s a feminine piece…until you tie a jacket around your waist and look like a total fitness bad-ass.


The High Neck
Try: Vimmia Devant Tank
Subtle andlet’s be honesta little sexy, the high neck tank is the fashion girl’s answer to the workout tee.


The Flowy Tank
Try: Together California A-Line Racerback
This one has Bali yoga retreat vibes, no matter where in the world you’re practicing.


The Two-In-One
Try: Live The Process Printed Stretch Supplex
For mornings when you need one less thing to worry about, the bra-and-top combo is a no-brainer.


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