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Good Looks Jul. 6, 2010

You can't go back in time and slather sunscreen on your 16-year-old self. But there's a growing arsenal of skin-care products and treatments that can help diminish your sun damage.Read More>>

Good Looks Feb. 16, 2010

Just watching the Olympic skiers, snowboarders, and speed skaters in Vancouver makes our skin feel dry, tight, and itchy. (As opposed to watching the figure skaters, whose stage makeup makes us want...Read More>>

Good Looks Jan. 19, 2010

One of the best pieces of skin-care advice I ever got was also one of the most counterintuitive: Slick my skin with oils. Not just my body. My face. That is, if I wanted to age like Dorian Gray (or...Read More>>

Good Looks Dec. 29, 2009

Even Dr. Bronner beauties suddenly enroll in the Pamela Anderson School of Makeup when New Year’s Eve rolls around. It’s not entirely their fault: As the biggest party (or let down) of the year...Read More>>

Good Looks Dec. 22, 2009

Skin-care impresario Scott-Vincent Borba launched vitamin-laced drinks and Skin Balance Gummi Bear Boosters into Sephora stores a few years back, making a mint on potable beauty products with the...Read More>>

Good Looks Nov. 3, 2009

In cosmetics, the plant kingdom produces more ingredients than the Food Network. And every season sees a new crop. Notice all the cranberry and pumpkin products currently sold for fall? (Even if they...Read More>>

Good Looks Sep. 11, 2009

As testimony to effectiveness, ageless actresses like Courtney Cox and Cate Blanchett have been the paid faces of skin-care brands like Kinerase and SKII, just like generations of starlets and beauty...Read More>>

Good Looks Sep. 8, 2009

Moisturizers get all the marquee billing, especially come fall when back-to-beauty ads punctuate every repeat episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. But if you’re not using a good...Read More>>

Good Looks Sep. 3, 2009

Vinotherapy, the use of grapeseeds, stalks, and skins in skin-care products and spa treatments, is often misconstrued as pure spa indulgence. (Well, the body wraps involving slatherings of Gironde...Read More>>

Good Looks Sep. 1, 2009

What’s Serena Williams wearing at the U.S. Open this week? Her requisite hot-mama fitness ensemble—and a new brand of “athlete engineered” beauty products called Mission Skincare. Williams is...Read More>>

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